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About the Show:

After that local station was flooded with emails and phone calls after just the first show, On Call Radio was asked to do an additional hour, and then another. In less than a month On Call Radio became a 3-hour weekend show with some of the highest ratings in that local market just 6 months of being on the air. Soon an opportunity opened with the largest company in radio to turn On Call Radio from a weekend show into a 3-hour daily syndicated talk show. Currently, On Call Radio is the #1 Health Talk radio show in the country with over 2 million listeners every week. And with new expansion into the overseas markets, On Call Radio is not slowing down. On Call Radio has a practical, common sense approach for everyone, regardless of his or her health and lifestyle goals. What started with a radio bedside manner to provide hope and encourage others still remains the same today for our team here at On Call Radio. With great success on the radio we were approached to launch a nationally syndicated television show focused on answering those tough questions to empower people’s health. In 2014, we launched On Call TV, which currently reaches 250 markets with approximately 52 million viewers. We have created a movement that is teaching others that they can transform their health, one lifestyle choice at a time.

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